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Non-Consensual Research/SPECT

Posted by Think1234 on May 31, 2006, at 6:03:29

Dear Dr. Bob readers,

As many who are aware of DoD matters know, the military is studying and finding ways to change sleep architecture and prolong wakefulness. You may not be aware that they are experimenting on humans without their consent. And that they have found a way to attenuate sleep patterns for long periods of time without the constant use of drugs like Provigil or aphetamines.

I know these things because I believe that I was the subject of a guinea pig experiment. I admit that that sounds crazy, but please read on.

I visited the office of Dr. William C. Klindt, which is called Silicon Valley Brain SPECT Imaging. Their office is located in San Jose, CA. A SPECT is sometimes called a poor man’s PET. It assesses brain perfusion levels, but not at the level of detail that a PET can. I visited his office because I had ADD, severe executive functioning difficulties, possibly Aspergers or Non Verbal Learning Disorder, and dyslexia, and I have been diagnosed with a learning disability pertaining to writing. I also have dysthymia and General Social Phobia. I wanted to see if there was any significant or obvious pattern of brain activity that could explain my multiple conditions.

I took the SPECT twice. These visits occurred during late April of 2005. Once for a resting scan, and another for a concentration scan. On the first scan I experienced for several seconds confusion and an interruption of my normal thought processes. (Its difficult to explain but you aren’t supposed to feel or experience anything under a SPECT scan) After that, and before I took a second SPECT scan several weeks later, I experienced periods of confusion and difficulty concentrating which occurred periodically and lasted from 10 minutes to about a half hour at a time. While I was unsure of why this was happening I attributed it to the stress involved in traveling from one place to another.

After I took the second scan I developed the exact set of reactions described above, however other reactions/symptoms began developing later. These symptoms are described below.


A. Attenuated sleep lasting for 6 months following the SPECT. I would sleep typically only 6 hours. However, if I stood up all night, and had to wake up at a specific time. Even If I only slept 4 hours I would feel no tiredness during the day. Whenever I awoke I would be fully alert without the normal grogginess following waking. If I deprived myself of sleep for a a day the most amount of sleep I could achieve was 8 hours. Before the SPECT I would often sleep for 8 hours and awaken, I would then go back to sleep for about 2 hours typically. After the SPECT onece I awoke I could not go back to sleep
B. I experienced much lighter sleep for 6 months that I’ve ever had before. I am
normally a very deep sleeper.
B. Blurred vision, and double vision, in both eyes following two weeks after the second SPECT. This continues to this day

2. Neurological
A. Memory problems- particularly during the first two months, after the second SPECT. I was unable to recall my current residential phone number at the time and I was unable to recall the phone number of my parents. (where I used to live before going to college. I could not recall names of friends or restaurants I frequented in my home town.
B. Decreased typing speed, which still continues to this day.
C. Word Mix ups- This continues to this day. I might call a lemon a lime or a door wedge a door ledge.
D. Profound difficulty recognizing the direction of a sound,
E. Difficulty spelling very simple words, which I knew I was able to spell before. Such as “Laser” vs. Lasar” Especially during the 9 months after the test. Spelling has improved but not completely.
F. Math Problems with simple calculations.
G. A sense that my IQ which tested 130 on the WAIS had dropped.
H. I often leave out letters or words when I’m writing something. I will have to edit this paper carefully in order to make sure I’ve made no mistakes.
I. Periods of confusion and inability to concentrate for about 2.5 weeks following the first SPECT.
A. Decreased sociability.

A. How would they know the experiment was successful or not? They may have monitored by internet usage patterns. Why would I say this? A trace route program I used (a programs that shows the servers on each stop along the way to a particular internet site) ,showed that all of my internet connections were routed through Fairfax , VA . This means that every web site that I went to was being routed through Fairfax, VA. (The techies at the ISP have no explanation for this, I used a small ISP affiliated with a city owned cable network called the Ashland Fiber Network ) Also, I could have called the office and complained about the side effects of the SPECT…Which I did about 9 months later. (I am not an AOL user by the way and I know they route everything from Fairfax.) Sometimes after going to Fairfax the route would then jump to Tulsa, OK, the school where Dr.Klindt
B. Dr. Amen is a former military doctor who mentored Dr. Klindt. Some of Amen’s colleagues are also military related.
C. Dr. Klindt provided research for the testing of Provigil, a drug originally designed by the military to keep soldiers awake.
D. He says that a SPECT is no more dangerous than an X–Ray as far as risks such as cancer are concerned. That is not true. That makes him a dishonest and unethical doctor.
E. Ceretec, the imaging tracer that was used, has a short half life and no known side effects besides cancer.
F. SPECT scans have never been shown to have side effects.
G. Dr. Klindt has the most advanced SPECT machine in the world and is the only doctor. in the United States who uses that model for clinical purposes.

Why me? Perhaps the shear multiplicity of symptoms I presented makes me easily discreditable should I make suit. Some symptoms were an exaggeration of previous symptoms I’ve had before. Thus it is arguable that I only perceived a difference in symptoms.

How did I develop my theory that I was a guinea pig specifically for military related sleep research?

1. The symptoms described above
2. I recently asked Dr. Klindt’s secretary if he has ever sold his research. She insisted that she didn’t. However I pressed her again and she told me that he did provide his research and talents on a drug called Provigil. Through research on the internet I discovered that this drug was originally designed by the military establishment for the purposes of keeping soldiers awake.
3. This prompted me to research military establishment on the internet. While I was doing this research I discovered that the military establishment (by which I mean the DoD and its affiliates such as DARPA) are heavily researching ways to keep soldiers awake to enhance their on field performance.
4. I developed the theory after I was told he worked on Provigil, and the subsequent research on the internet. I think that makes my theory more credible.
I had already expressed to my mom my concerns about the change in sleep patterns among other thing. I did not present it to her as a conspiracy theory. Until I was told that Klindt did research on Provigil I did not theorize

If you have intelligence regarding this matter.
Please contact me [xxx].
(Why am I including my personal information? Dr. Klindt is well aware of my efforts to expose his actions.)




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