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Re: -------------OPIATES FOR OCD???------------------- DayByDay

Posted by Ame Sans Vie on September 24, 2003, at 2:22:09

In reply to -------------OPIATES FOR OCD???-------------------, posted by DayByDay on September 23, 2003, at 12:56:48

> There are case reports and some research about opiates being effective in treating depression.
> As far as OCD goes ive heard about Ultram and Morphine being effective.
> Is morphine a better choice than everyday Ultram consumtion since you only have to take it once a week to treat OCD and there probably not develop any significant tolerance/addiction?

Either medication must be taken every day -- at first, the morphine may relieve you of your symptoms for a few days with a single dose, but tolerance develops to that very rapidly. That's why I'm sticking to Ultram (for now) and I'm about to try buprenorphine, since it's a mu-opioid agonist (like morphine, heroin, oxycodone), but also a kappa-opioid agonist. Thus, tolerance is limited with bupe. I just know that if I were to try morphine (or OxyContin, for that matter) as my doctors had suggested months ago, I'd be up to 800mg morphine/day by now... yikes.

> Are there other opiates effective for treatment of OCD?

Most seem to be effective, with the exceptions of the primary kappa-opioid agonists, such as pentazocine. Methadone, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, dihydrocodeine, buprenorphine, Stadol, Talwin, Ultram, Demerol, LAAM, Duragesic -- these have all been shown quite helpful.

> I know withdrawal symptoms and tolerance are individual. When it comes to tolerance some say the tolerance increase after a few weeks while Ive heard about a friend using it for epilepsy (At least I think it was for epilepsy but dont try using it against epilepsy because i say so,
> i might be wrong, besides i think t may have negative interaction with some anti-epileptic medicines) Anyway he is on the same dose for 4 years. Maybe it also depends on what you use it for.

That certainly has quite a bit to do with it. When treating chronic pain, of course your dose will rapidly escalate; but if your problem is "simply" that you have an inadequacy within your endogenous opioid system (as so many OCDers seem to), then tolerance may not be an issue.

> And Ive heard about various other versions
> as far as tolerance development goes
> If you tried it for a longer time - when did > (if
> it did) start to notice stronger tolerance(OCD and/or depression, would be interesting to hear as many experieces as possible.

I haven't developed a bit of tolerance to Ultram over three and a half months, which is probably greatly helped by the fact that I take therapeutic doses of Robitussin regularly every day -- the NMDA antagonism that the active ingredient in Robitussin possesses can prevent tolerance or at the very least delay it.

> Also if anyone have had any morphine treatment experieces for OCD and/or depression, i would appritiate if you could tell me how it worked?

I've used morphine before, but found it far inferior to the Ultram. Ultram has a triple mechanism of action, which I think is *very* important.

> It would be of very much help if someone could answer could answer at least one of my questions.
> I have a quite problematic treatment-resistant OCD
> which severly affects my life-quality-
> Im looking for diffrent alternatives to finaly and hopefully feel at least a moderate improvment of my life quality.

I hope this answers some of your concerns. I'm always here if you have any more questions.




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